Burlesque Classes and Workshops

8-Week Burlesque Course (Beginner)

     * In this beginner course, students will learn the 

       foundations of burlesque, including burlesque history,

       movement, and costume. By the end of the course,

       students will be able to develop a burlesque routine.

6-Week Burlesque Course (Intermediate)

    * In this intermediate course, students will learn the art of

       dancing with props such as boas, fans, chairs, and

       twirling tassels.

6-Week Burlesque Course (Advanced)

    * In this advanced course, students will dig deeper into

       the art of burlesque. Students will learn how to develop

       their character and act for the stage, advanced

       costuming, stage makeup, and preparation for

       performing burlesque as more than just a hobby.

Go-Go Fitness

      * Get fit to the swinging sounds of the 60's in this fun class

        that teaches you go-go moves such as the Pony and Hully-

        Gully. No dance experience necessary.

Twirling and Pastie Making (Workshop)

       * Learn how to make your very own burlesque pasties! And

         if that's not enough, you'll also learn how to twirl them like

         a pro!

Bachelorette Parties

       * We love bachelorettes and we want to help give you a

         night to remember. In our bachelorette party class, you will

         learn how to "peel" like a burlesque dancer for your lover.

         And if you and your party are daring, you can also learn

         how to twirl tassel pasties!

"Burl-education on a G-String Budget"

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Pinup Charm and Beauty School

Hair and Makeup classes

    * Learn the tricks of the pinup trade! Students will

       learn several hair setting techniques and how they

       translate to different hairstyles. Students will also

       learn how to create several pinup makeup looks, as

       well as makeup looks from each decade from the

       1920's to the 1960's.

Pinup on a Budget

     *You need not have a deep pockets to dress like a pinup.

       Learn great tips on saving money and creating vintage

       looks from thrift stores and garage sales.

Posing Classes

     *Have you ever wanted to be a pinup model? Great! But

       first, you have to know the art of the pinup pose. Learn

       to work props, clothes, and the camera like a pro.

Pinup Parties

     *Let's have a pinup party! Invite your friends for a few

      hours of pampering, photos, and retro inspired food and

      drink. This is a great idea for bridal showers and

      bachelorette or birthday parties.

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